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Podgora - Makarska Riviera

Podgora in Croatia, is great and you will surely like it; it is a little tourist and fishing village on the Adriatic coast. It is located on the Makarska Riviera, boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in Croatia. Beautiful, clear blue sea, sandy beach! And you know, in the evening, or at night, when the air cools off a little bit, and you sit on the pier, one hand holding a beer, another hand holding bait... that is refreshment. For daily entertainment we offer you summer water attractions (gliding, banana, scooters, water skiing, parachuting with panoramic views of the coast ...). Along the Podgora is waterfront - of course. On it are located numerous bars, restaurants (try the local specialties, Dalmatian cuisine), shops, stalls. Walk the promenade to the neighboring town, if you will. In the evening, the whole coast alive with live music, games fish nights, festivals chanson, folk songs, actors' performances .. I can not just enumerate them all!      

If you still need a bit of active holidays, sports activities here are also easy to do. The most affordable way is walking and cycling. If you hike or ride a bike, you have the sea shore, in the length of about 4 km continuous road. If you can not be on the coast, you can explore the village up the hill, the mountain which is called 'Biokovo'. Such local roads has more than 20 km. Undergoing many old villages old Podgora.


Podgora not just another place in the series of Croatian coast - it has its own history, and it proves about 20 churches, small and large (referred to from 1630 - Church Sv.Tekle, a most valuable and largest church, 'All Saints' in Upper Podgori has seven altars and some rare painted motifs - a bird that feeds its young by her own meat!). Upper Podgora called Srida Sela was crushed by the earthquake in 1962. Some people still celebrate this day, because therefore was established today's Podgora ... Numerous monuments and memorial plaques. The most important monument is a fighter for the entire Croatia and Croatian language, the priest, writer and politician (come to think of today - almost no chance!) Don Mihovil Pavlinovic, on the waterfront. The square is the center. There you will see people, they are all day throwing a hook into the sea, as well those who can catch fish, and as well those who do not know how to catch a fish. There by the sea, walks a black cat. It is a tomcat with white paws. He's waiting for the moment when you catch a fish, for him. And he's a real sea-cat. Just outside of town is a large monument with seagull wings. Broken and bent wing shows the old Yugoslav navy, a healthy and plunging wing displays winning, new navy ... Well, all that in some other, old times.  


Over the place of recovering large mountain slope, with the highest peak of St.Jure (George) (1762m). That is The Nature Park Biokovo. Admission is payable, but is worth it. At the beginning of the park is also a restaurant 'Vrata Biokova'. In addition to the menu, you are offered and horse riding. Imagine a possibility to view the Peljesac peninsula, the islands of Hvar, Brac, Korcula ... when the weather is nice and clear, you can see the island of Vis, and in such days, you can see Italy. From the peak of Sv. Jure north view to the lake Peruča, Red and Blue Lake near Imotski, and I think, you can see a small pond called Mountain eyes. Visit the educational geological trail on Mt occurrence during the Jurassic, 160 million years ... Up there you will enjoy the peace, shade, and natural air-condition even in the hottest day.