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What's in price of accommodation?-Payment-Cancellation

All apartments at Apartmani Boric - Podgora, have one parking space (some 200 meters close), Wi-Fi, air conditioning, kitchen utensils, linens, cleaning and electricity - are gratis. All the tourist taxes - are included in the price. All guests can use a summer kitchen and barbecue in the yard. If the customer is not satisfied with a reserved parking space, there are a paid parking spaces somewhere else in Podgora (you can rent it, worth up to 25 euros per day).
One small child up to 3 years is free of charge.      
Pets - allowed on request - only in some apartments.       

A way of making an advance payment:
Banking deposit:
Recipient: Ratko Borić, Mostarska 17, 21000 SPLIT, HRVATSKA. 
IBAN: HR61 2340 0093 1109 1823 8
SWIFT (BIC) Privredna Banka Zagreb d.d.: PBZGHR2X   

Cancellation Policy:

E-mail correspondence between the host and the guest shall be considered as evidence to the agreed price and the period of the service of accommodation.

The amount that guest pays on behalf of the accommodation, is the payment of accommodation reservation, advance payment, booking payment, booking.

Amount of the booking payment is from 20 to 35% of the total amount (especially the higher amount if used in the period from 20.7. to 25.8.), or the price for 2-day stay or a minimum of the equivalent of 100 euros. Or all negotiated, for example: some situations do not require reservations (especially in the period from 20.9. to 15.6.). The amount may be less, depending on the date, days of the beginning and end of the booking (for example; Saturday - Saturday).

The said amount is part of the whole package, and the rest is paid upon arrival.

If the customer does not use their reserved dates, the reservation is non-refundable.

However there are exceptions relating to these allegations:

  1. If a cancellation by the customer is early enough (at the discretion of the host, at least 90 days or more, before the agreed arrangements), the money is returned, possibly reduced by the amount of the cost of the transaction
  2. In some situations, the amount paid may be utilized in the next season, in the full amount - if the cancellation is communicated at the appropriate time, at the discretion of the host
  3. If the customer does not appear at the appointed day and time, the accommodation booked to his disposal will be kept till tomorrow at 10:00 am. After that the host can rent accommodation to someone else, and the amount paid will not be refunded
  4. If the customer decides not to use the accommodation booked throughout the agreed period, but shortened, then charged price of stay is the full price of accommodation without discounts agreed with the host (all guests are pre-informed of the full price of the reserved time of booking)
  5. If the customer decides not to use the accommodation booked throughout the agreed period, but shortened, the advance payment is no longer part of the whole package, and can be a separate charge - if the customer stays for less than half of the agreed period
  6. If the customer shows up at the appointed day and time and decides not to use the accommodation - the amount paid is non-refundable
  7. The amounts calculated in accordance with the above points can never be greater than the agreed amount
  8. The host can't cancel the reservation to the guest, for the agreed price and time of use, except to point No.10, or in cases of force majeure
  9. If a guest host can not provide the booked accommodation, shall, at his own expense, provide a replacement guest accommodation, at least the same or higher quality than the agreed accommodation
  10. The landlord may terminate the guest accommodation and charge full price only in the case of non-compliance with the rules of the House rules, during the guest's stay