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Have fun in Podgora

On this webpage I will note everything interesting, reachable by your car in a radius of one daylight visit. So from sunrise till sundown. Of course, I'm counting that your base is in Podgora, at Apartmani Boric. I will describe only the part of the fun and relaxation, that awaits you in Podgora, tip you some recommendations in the city, but that at the end :)

DUBROVNIK - Grad ('The Town')
Former Republic of Dubrovnik, now strongly defended by UNESCO World Heritage. We recommend to take the tour thru Dubrovnik out of high season, it is easier to conquer the city walls, but of course, that town needs to be seen whenever you bump in this region :) It is also so popular location where The Game Of Thrones were filmed. To visit Dubrovnik, the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina NO LONGER needs to be crossed - WE NOW HAVE A BRIDGE OVERRIDING THE BORDER and cuts down the time of travelling! 

The only Tsar's palace in The World that is inhabited countinously for 1700 years already! Well, now the emperors do not live inside The Palace, but just the ordinary people, but if you ask them ... Who knows the answer you would get?  :) In the so-called Cellars (in The Palace), some episodes of The Game of Thrones were filmed... Distance is 75 km (1:20 hours) from your accommodation in Podgora. We could say that 1700 generations had preserved The Palace for us! In The Palace you will find the oldest building in the World, which is used as a church - St.Duje! And more stuff as well...

Solin is next to Split, too strong antic site. Too strong? - because the valuable objects are still found out and excavated. There is also beautiful church beside the large grass terrain - to play and to rest a bit. Surrounded by river Jadro, where little ducks can be fed. Vranjic - as you're already there, visit the attraction - fish aquarium! It is 5 km from Split, so some 80 km far/close to AB - Apartments Boric in Podgora.

Medjugorje: God's miracle, Heaven and Hercegovina's stone! Prayer and peace! Must-visit is an Old Bridge (Stari Most) in Mostar. That bridge connects two civilisations, two cultures, across river Neretva. In a close range is a must-visit waterfalls of river Kravica. It is a revelation to discover that beauty full of life among that endless, hard to cultivate and rocky country... ...not easy to describe. Just, your emotions will be awaken when you discover those riffles. 

Clean, fresh water lakes, next to the salt sea, close to Ploče. To sit, watch and enjoy! It's not a touristic-developed area, so you're not able to buy a souvenirs, hot-dogs, and so. But you can rent a boat and 'fish' on the lakes. Rest your eyes, relax your soul. When you spot that beauty, you might wonder: how come that I have never heard of it? Well, we, the locals know, and now you know it too :)  .. since I find it quite interesting, I'll try to tell you few more words soon.... Well, are you coming to Podgora?

Traditional wooden river boats rowing marathon. Being held on the second Saturday of August, and followed by up to 10.000 spectators, during the surrounding sounds of drums... and then - START!! Them race over two hours down river Neretva, on the route of 22,5 km. Distance from Podgora and your's AB Apartmani Borić is some 65 - 70 km close. On your way back to Apartments Boric, stop by Bacina Lakes :)

The name of the place in Croatian is consisted from two words, could be translated as 'tough' and 'strict', but on the contrary, 'au-contraire', it is a wonderful place. Peaceful and calm atmosphere, was inhabited during the Roman Empire, and that is not just a claim, it's according to an evidence. But, Zaostrog is most known by it's Franciscan monastery from Century. And for those who always want to see something really interesting, they have the large painting of The Last Supper, which have a painting of a dog Dalmatian on it. On that picture Dalmatian origin, ie. The Croatian origin of this breed have been prooved, because the picture was painted around 1750. So, it is 15 - 20 minutes from Podgora and your apartment.

It is located at northern part of Biokovo. From there is our famous actor, Vedran Mlikota. And there, the happening happens: 'Zagvozd Actors', throughout July and half of August. Welcome to the Croatian Hollywood, meet actors in the city, at Trg glumaca (The Square of Actors)! Oh, and in the evening it will be a little cool in a climate that is slightly different from those in Podgora - though it is behind Biokovo :) There are enough bars to repeatedly change the perspective on which you may rest your eyes and the soul.

Small town, 7 km near the large town Podgora,.. :) Makarska is the place where the parties are held and the eternal crowd is present. Great for younger teams, for having a good time. I can underline; visit Malacological Shell's Museum, located in the area of the Franciscan monastery from the 16th century Oldest shells are more than 200 million years, mostly from the area of Dalmatia. Not expensive ticket, it is not a big museum, as I said - a small town ...

OMIS a small town at the mouth of the river Cetina, it is located 40 minutes from your apartment in Podgora. The combination of cold river in the hot summer..  ..and upstream, there is a possibility of excellent rafting! Traditionally every summer you can witness the fight between the best Dalmatian traditional choirs (not physical fight, of course, but in singing).

The historic town dating from the 3rd century BC - nurtured and pampered by UNESCO. The most important thing is to visit the city Cathedral of St. Lawrence ('Sveti Lovre'), the main portal of the cathedral was made by master Radovan in the 13th century. When you get there you will feel like singing ... my sweet Lord, oh my sweet Lord! ... In Trogir there is also a museum with findings from the Jure's cave (known as 'Jurina špilja' or 'Mujina špilja'), one of the first residential of our ancestors ... ... aged 40 000 - 45 000 BC. Trogir is about 1.5 hours from Apartments Boric - Podgora.

How do they say: Bol leads to love :) Is there anybody who have not heard of Bol on Island Brac? It's 'Zlatni rat' - Golden beach is a natural phenomena, a beach that always change its shape, with three sides surrounded by the sea. Always have at least one side with calm water. There are excursion trips from Podgora to Bol, by boats located some 150 meters from your Apartments Boric..

Ancient city, inhabited for, at least, 3.000 years! Founded by the old IIllyrians.. So called 'jet set' is dedicated to visiting that town. Climate and the number of sun-hours per year are similar to Podgora's. Subjectively, or objectively, Hvar and Podgora are the two Dalmatian cities with the highes sun-hours in Croatia. Hvar's inhabitians are wine makers and lavender reapers and lavender oil producers... Podgora's inhabitians are mostly fishermans (much more before) and virgine olive oil producers. Hvar is also reacheable from Podgora during the Summer, by touristic one-day-trips by boats.

Declared as a Park of Nature, a desirable climate change despite the hot days along the coast, beautiful views including the view from the already famous SKY WALK. Also the highest top of the mountain on the Mediterrain (1.762 m).

Walking tour
It's OK to walk all day long the sea, at 0,5 meters altitude... Great for your lungs, because of iodine that evaporates from the sea. Especially during the early morning hours. The best would be to do that around 5 o'clock, but yet... you're on vacation :) .. you can come later, around 9-10 0'clock.. finally - you're on vacation! And in the morning or in the evening, who wants, can go walking to the 'Upper Podgora', the part of Podgora that was  once called 'The Middle Of The Village' (Srida Sela) or just 'The Village' (Selo). On that tour visit other small hamlets around, they're all connected with more than 20 km of the roads up and down, round and around. Just to fill up your soul ... walk slowly, we don't want to spin The World in the opposite dirrection ...

The Sea is blue and big, pushing you up to the surface, and you're softly and easily pushing all over it... That is usually called swimming or maybe pooling :) Swimming areas were marked by the beach marks, just that you don't float away when dreaming around... Because, after all, that's your main reason to be on vacation in our apartments - clean and salted sea!

Sea front fishing
I have been informed about how's going with with fishing permits.. it has been imagined as mostly complicated, and you wouldn't believe if I told you, so therefore nobody even tries to make a licence... And therefore nobody even ask for a permit, people just sit and fish along the coast. If you really want to, I could help you to make one, as a souvenir.

Sea adrenalin
The fun is sailing to you over the seas, to have some sea fun.. ride on the jet ski, sea skiing, wave riding, panorama paragliding powered by a motor-boat, etc. Don't miss the smile on your face, possibly a bruise :) To that purpose, the team from 'Atlantic Jet' awaits for you :)  ...
Don't miss your 'selfie' and remember to post it on facebook or instagram, while riding the Submarine Podgora.. a red semi-submarine avaits for you on the shore. Don't miss to jump yourself out of your mind while climbing and jumping on 'Wibit Sports' - infatable trampolines on the sea. Again, it has been blowen by night, by our friends, so you could jump on it by day :)
And there's more more fun in Podgora that awaits for you!

Nice Food
Yummmmy... Podgora have the most famous restaurant on Makarska Riviera - ROKO, according to Trip Advisor! But, you don't need that marks, I ate there since I was little. The tables are placed by the sea, and that is the atmosphere you will remember forever!
There is also a grill - restaurant in Podgora, named Ružmarin (Rosemary), where you must try their specialty - ćevapćići.. Each time I can, I check if their taste is still great :)