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Interesting Croatia

Croatia is a country that is rich with drinking water. At a ratio of surface area and the amount of drinking water it is a third country in the world . The water is safe to drink from tap. 

Lights on cars must light all day during winter time. So,  keep your lights on, on evenings, only thru the summer.

Croatian currency is Kuna (1 Kuna = 100 Lipa) , the exchange rate is about 7.50 Kuna for 1 Euro.

Beaches are mostly regulated, with a marked swimming area, and thus they are protected from the traffic of ships.  
The sea is clean , with lots of blue flags     

Croatia has a very indented coastline: 1246 islands , islets and reefs! 48 islands are inhabited, and long ago that number was 66. 

Croatia has about 4 million inhabitants.          

Hajduk - Split is the most popular football club in Croatia. Club has a large army of fans around the world, regardless of the poor results. Well, at the last census, 57 residents 'believes' in FC Hajduk. The club has nearly 80.000 members.

The Croats who traveled with Slavic tribes, immigrated to the area of today's Croatian during 7th century.

First Croatian ruler was Prince Trpimir, who was enthroned in the year 852.

The first Croatian king became Tomislav, in the year 925.

Croatia has eight national parks, 11 nature parks and 2 strict nature reserve. 

In Croatia you will find the desert, but you will find the four wetlands. In fact there are so many beautiful and interesting things, that nobody can be able to explore all...

Croatians love politics, but the politics still prefer Croats more. Croats have about 150 registered political parties. 

Croatia is a Catholic country, with about 87% of Catholics.

The longest mountain range in Croatia is Velebit (National Park) ... 145 km long   

Mountain Biokovo (Nature Park) is full of caves. There lives about 120 animal organisms. More than half of that were endemic!