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Meet your hosts

Dubravka - native (and forever) from Pucisca on the island of Brac. She worked as a kindergarten teacher, finished two faculties, speaks French. Now the poet with two published books; "In Pučišća Bay To Sail Into" and "Ladybug I", and even won the occasional awards in poetry competitions. In preparation has one book more on the Dalmatian's dialect. "Ladybug I" is written for children. This is the second book of that kind after 50 years!    

MILIVOJ - originally from Podgora, a teacher who later worked in the hotel tourism. Always loved the sea and fishing, from those times remained some medals from the occasional cup competitions. Great in making real homemade brandy of walnut, brandy of orange or brandy of jujube. Jujube tree is rare, it has only in Dalmatia, and the taste is similar to whiskey. He copes a bit in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and the Russian language. 

LUKA - working as a waiter, a caterer by profession, loves to travel the world, to cope with languages, speaks English and Norwegian. During the winter works in Norway.

RATKO - civil engineer and traffic engineer, works at the Croatian Railways, lives in Split, coping with a Google Translator in all languages, speaks English. Moderating this website, and replies to all your queries.    

Others in our large family, all smiling and also love to communicate :)